ETI’s fundamental technology provides wireless power using two components: a loop to provide power coverage by generating energy density, and receivers capturing it to power devices.

ETI’s proprietary Loop Technology ™ creates magnetic field in a pre-defined space. This loop can be in the form of wire or on a printed circuit board. The wireless power zone can cover volumes ranging from a few cubic centimeters to tens of cubic meters.

ETI's receivers capture and convert magnetic field into electricity providing necessary 'juice' to the devices, such as lamps, temperature sensors, motors, as well as many battery-operated devices. The size of the receivers determines the amount of power it will get from the loop.

ETI proprietary Loop Technology ™ system achieves to power multiple heterogenous devices, simultaneously. The more the better!

ETI has established a strong portfolio of national and international patents, with 5 patents issued and 14 currently in process.